Cannabis Retail E-Commerce Software


Take your business digital with the best in today’s cannabis software systems, giving you a competitive edge over your competition. By extending your reach into online sales, you’ll be boosting both your profits and overall growth.

When implemented effectively, the right ecommerce software can be the difference between a successful online launch and one that falls flat.

Proteus 420 has the industry expertise to understand the unique needs of cannabusiness owners, making us exceptionally well-equipped to engineer software solutions that go above and beyond anything else on the market.

Committed to industry-leading innovation and exceeding our clients’ expectations, Proteus 420 is a premier provider of ecommerce solutions for cannabusinesses across the globe.

A Tailored E-Commerce Platform for Cannabis Businesses

Crafted exclusively with cannabusiness needs in mind, our e-commerce solution is designed to serve both you and your customers. Simple to use and impressively efficient, the software puts e-commerce operations within easy reach of you and your entire team. Plus, Proteus 420 is always here to provide you with additional support and issue resolution as needed.

The Benefits of Taking Your Cannabusiness Online

No matter the size or scale of your business, staking your claim in the digital world can be the key to achieving meteoric growth. A well-designed e-commerce platform will make it easier for you to put your products in the hands of happy customers, empowering you as both a business owner and a brand.

Increase your sales

Regardless of how successful your on-site operation may be, expanding into e-commerce can boost sales considerably. With an online storefront, you can increase overall efficiency by enabling customers to place orders for pick-up and local delivery. Not only can customers browse your products without standing in long lines (increasing their potential for making larger purchases), but you’ll be able to simplify a considerable number of transactions to improve the overall customer experience.

Reach new customers

When you consider the extent to which the average customer utilizes the Internet, it shouldn’t be surprising that a digital presence can drive a significant amount of new traffic your way. Not only can an e-commerce expansion give your brand a distinct online presence, but it can help you connect with a previously untapped market.

Optimize your cannabusiness

An intelligently-engineered e-commerce software solution, like the one created by Proteus 420, isn’t just a method of conducting business online – it’s also the key to tapping into the power of data. With platform analytics, you can take a closer look at critical metrics, trends, and more.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Cannabis E-Commerce Solution

There’s no question that the cannabis retail industry is growing at a rapid face, increasing the competition and challenges you’re faced with as a business owner. You already know that your success depends on your ability to work hard, serve your customers, and present a top-quality product – but what if you had a tool that could make those tasks easier than ever?

Proteus 420 specializes in advanced software solutions for cannabis businesses, providing you with an advantage that only cutting-edge technology can offer. Our software tools are designed to streamline every aspect of your operations, from e-commerce and inventory to accounting and POS. We aim to be a partner in your success, supporting you in the pursuit of your goals.

Get more information about how our e-commerce software for cannabusinesses can be the catalyst for your business’s growth and development by contacting Proteus 420 today.