Since 2008 PROTEUS420's intuitive and adaptive ERP software has been delivering REAL-TIME results and business operational systems to the cannabis industry.  WE ARE YOUR technology PARTNER through all stages of growth.

PROTEUS420 is the only SINGLE-SOURCE solution for Retail/POS, Delivery, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Business Intelligence through Financial Reporting.  Built for YOU and built to SCALE, our software is TESTED, TRUSTED, and INDUSTRY APPROVED.

PROTEUS420 is track and trace certified in EVERY legal marketplace.
A Metrc Validated Software Provider


The only trusted real-time business solution for the Cannabis and Hemp Industries

seed-to-sale compliance

A powerful and secure ERP system, we assist all levels of business from boutique to High Volume. Our system provides all the tools you will need to

save your business Time, Money and ROI!

Our clients experience

  • HIPPA Compliant & Data Security
  • Real Time Visibility of your Organization
  • Employee Controlled Access
  • Easy Integration into your Business
  • Faster Customer Processing
  • Dramatic Cost Savings

Your business experience

  • Customer and Doctor Management
  • Full Financial Management
  • Vendor and Inventory
  • Controlled Business Processes
  • Human Resources and Employee
  • Time Management
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Digital Board Marketing
  • Smart Data Integrations
  • Vendor to Vendor Communication

REDUCE growing pains - REDUCE labor costs

REMOVE product loss and CONTROL spending with

PROTEUS 420 and our REAL-TIME data and business intellect.

PROTEUS 420, the essential Enterprise Resource Platform, is your ONE-STOP-SHOP for the Cannabusiness and Cannapreneur. Since 2008, we launched into the Cannabis industry and became the most TRUSTED name in "Seed-to-Sale" for LEGITIMACY, SUPPORT and GROWTH.

Not only was PROTEUS 420 designed to ADAPT to your business, hence the name "PROTEUS", our entire system is easily customizable to grow with you. So whether you are a small Dispensary, a multi-store DELIVERY or a high producing CULTIVATOR, think out of the box – We have your back!

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Full access and real time data information anywhere, anytime

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secure and reliable

On-Site Security experts monitoring and updating security protocols 24/7/365

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We provide all the tools that allow you to hold your organization to the highest standards.

The true Cannabis Dispensary Solution for your business.

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    Receive items into inventory from various vendors, assign inventory to specific categories and adjust pricing - all from one page - in Real-Time. Proteus420 is designed to track each gram of inventory and every dollar associated with it.

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    Current doctor recommendations, valid ID cards and images of patients are tracked in the system. Customers with an expired recommendation and/or drivers license are not able to be checked-in, maintain compliance within the operation.

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    For increased efficiency and revenue, the Online Pre-Order capabilities of Proteus420 cannot be beat. Customers use a password protected online menu to order. Customers can preorder items for in-store pickup or delivery.

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    Proteus420 comes equipped with restaurant-style POS capabilities. The display is friendly to navigate with images of items, edibles and concentrates to easy product selection. A barcode reader can be added for ease of scan to POS transactions.

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    Proteus420 has everything you need whether you are have a physical store, a delivery only, or both. Manage everything in one system. Our integrated delivery app allows you to view your drivers locations in real time and assign orders to them based on workload and inventory levels

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    If you are a grow only operation or a vertically integrated organization, our grow management capabilities will allow you to manage and track all of your plants, components, harvests and packaging processes. Seamless transition your packaged product into your dispensary with a few simple clicks!

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    As new states add seed to sale compliance reporting, we are always ahead of the curve.We also have a team of compliance experts on hand, whether you're looking to gain access to a license or just to make sure that you keep the ones you already have, we can help.

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    The unique thing about Proteus420, is that the platform is inherently customizable. We can tune it to your needs, no matter what they are. Contact us today with your project and we can get you a quote and get you rolling.

with a long history of satisfied clients

Proteus420's MISSION IS CLEAR AND SIMPLE, TO BRING business intelligence and value to your cannabis business operations while building TRUST in the process, respect through consistent growth & compliance and confidence in the data

Best Product I could have purchased for my business. It makes keeping organized simple and easy!

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John Arian
  • Dispensary owner
  • San Diego, CA

My inventory numbers were always wrong on the other systems I used, with Proteus420, I always know exactly where everything is and how much I have!

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M. Stuart
  • Inventory Manager
  • Portland, OR

After trying just about every other program out there, I am so glad I finally found Proteus420, it NEVER goes down!

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P. Varken
  • Dispensary Manager
  • Seattle, WA