Integration Partnerships are the LIFEBLOOD that FUELS the PROTEUS420 system because without these important and strategic alliances, every company would be effectively re-inventing the wheel each time, the Cannabis businesses would lose hours of staff productivity, and these partners would not be able to grow their offerings. In the end, these strategic and integrated partnerships build a stronger force and gives the end consumer the best choices and quicker options in one place.

PROTEUS420 is the ONLY cannabis ERP system was the very first to integrate and streamline our system with online menu, locator services, grow room hardware, strain testing, Cannabis business schools, attorneys, credit card banking, and so much more.  

Utilizing the PROTEUS420 system and our ability to streamline your business aids in saving time and money with in your storefront or delivery, grow room, staffing, and products, all while being transparent to your state.