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Consider this: How many different software applications are you juggling daily to manage your order inventory, sales leads, operations, and accounting?

With PROTEUS, the need for multiple software tools (tech stacks )becomes a thing of the past. Say goodbye to manual data entry into outdated systems. Thanks to our robust MMJ inventory software and dispensary inventory software, PROTEUS puts you firmly in control, providing you with instant access to the information you need, precisely when you need it!

PROTEUS420 isn't just another Cannabis POS; it's your all-in-one toolbox, equipping you with everything necessary to operate your Cannabusiness seamlessly. We've incorporated built-in State reporting to ensure compliance with all the major reporting agencies. Yes, you heard it right – we are a certified software provider for METRC, BioTrack, and Local State/Country Agencies.

In a nutshell, PROTEUS is a comprehensive solution that simplifies it all, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business efficiently and effectively.


PROTEUS420 is a comprehensive Cannabis ERP system offering a suite of features designed to enhance operational efficiency for cannabis businesses. It integrates functionalities such as Retail Point of Sale, Delivery Management, CRM, and State Reporting Automation to ensure smooth operations, compliance, and exceptional customer service. Key services include 24/7 live support, streamlined transaction handling, efficient delivery logistics, tailored customer insights, and automated regulatory compliance, making it an essential tool for improving business processes and customer satisfaction.


At PROTEUS420 and Proteus Business Solutions, Inc., we've brought together a dedicated and highly motivated team comprising accomplished programmers, developers, and seasoned business professionals, each possessing a diverse range of skills. Collaboratively, we've pioneered an innovative platform inspired by the concept of enterprise resource planning. Our platform seamlessly integrates all the essential services and features you need into one user-friendly software solution.

Through the centralization of your data, we consolidate, automate, and provide real-time data deployment. This empowers your cannabis business to scale effectively, ensuring operational compliance with state and country regulations while simultaneously reducing overhead costs and enhancing employee collaborations.

Recognizing that your supply chain management is the backbone of your business, it's essential to select the right solution. That's where we come in – we are YOUR SOLUTION.


From budtender to consumer, and from purchase orders to sales, precision in data is paramount. Eliminating human error ensures the trustworthiness of the information you rely on.

Efficiently manage customer information, build an at-a-glance database, and harness pertinent data to enhance the customer experience and bolster your team's productivity. With a wealth of customer details at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to craft a precisely targeted marketing strategy that resonates with the right customers at precisely the right moment.


Our Point-of-Sale (POS) solution is the industry standard for efficiently managing retail and/or delivery operations within the cannabis industry. Tailored specifically for cannabis retail, our POS is robust, compliant, and fully customizable as a SaaS system. Equipped with built-in traceability, advanced reporting, integrated payment processing, and an array of features, it empowers dispensaries of all sizes to expand seamlessly, streamline staff onboarding, and offer customers exceptional experiences.


PROTEUS420 has been meticulously designed to establish inventory as the cornerstone of your business operations. It serves as an efficient tool for tracking and controlling your company's inventory. Our system offers an array of features and tools aimed at helping businesses manage their inventory effectively, optimize their supply chain, reduce operational costs, mitigate stockouts, and enhance overall efficiency.

In contrast, manual inventory management poses several challenges, including the risk of human error and the time-consuming nature of data entry tasks. However, by integrating an automated inventory management system, you can effortlessly organize and input vast volumes of data, covering plants, products, and various other details. This automation streamlines the auditing process, making it a simple and precise procedure whenever the need arises.


Prepare to revolutionize the way your business operates and how consumers shop. Our system brings built-in convenience, cost savings, and a global market reach, and with our advanced technology solutions to ensure a seamless transition, you can elevate your cannabis business to new heights.

ERP systems offer a comprehensive perspective on an organization's data, leading to enhancements in efficiency, decision-making, and cross-departmental collaboration. These are integrated software solutions utilized by businesses to streamline their operations. PROTEUS420 was specifically developed to create a centralized vantage point for all core cannabis business functions, facilitating seamless data and process integration across various departments, including finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, and more.

Our solution empowers you to customize your operations, nurturing and supporting your cannabis business community throughout the entire Seed-to-Sale journey. From cultivation onward, it encompasses a multitude of essential business data points designed to fuel your growth.


Many canna-business owners often find compliance management to be a source of significant stress, yet it is undeniably crucial for your success. Our system simplifies the tasks of organizing and generating reports, monitoring customer limits, and adhering to regulations. This guarantees that you consistently maintain compliance and stay in control of the situation.


By incorporating accounting and financials automation enables you to streamline essential processes, reduce reliance on spreadsheets, and achieve a deeper real-time understanding of your business performance through a seamlessly integrated ERP system. Rely on an automated accounting software system to efficiently handle your financial responsibilities.


Effortlessly upload, edit, and safeguard all your crucial canna-business documents, enabling you to dedicate your focus to pursuing your next major business goals with confidence. Whether it's employee records, vendor licenses, COA's, or lab testing results, we ensure your documents are securely stored, easily accessible, and protected by user access permissions.


Our integrated CRM, or customer relations management system, simplifies customer engagement. By eliminating the necessity for third-party tools, you can efficiently manage data and enhance your communication with customers. Whether it's through email or custom-branded apps, we can monitor abandoned carts, provide discounts, rewards, coupons, and cultivate loyal customer retention.


Your products serve as the core of your business, and maintaining precise knowledge of their whereabouts is essential. Utilizing our complete driver tracking platform and our integrated fleet management, you can have complete confidence that your products are consistently located where they should be.


Rather than expending time, effort, and resources on a multitude of cannabusiness programs, why not invest in a single solution that excels in all aspects? With PROTEUS420, you have the opportunity to turn the most vexing aspects of your cannabusiness operations into a powerful advantage, giving you a competitive edge.