One Solution


Ask yourself this: How many pieces of software do you use on a daily basis for tracking your order inventory, sales leads, operations, and accounting?

With Proteus, everything is in one package: the days of hand entering new orders into outdated software is over! With powerful MMJ inventory software and dispensary inventory software, Proteus puts you in control and allows you to get the information you want, when you want it!

PROTEUS 420, a true Cannabis Business Solution is more than just a Cannabis POS, it is your toolbox to provide you all the tools you require to run your Cannabusiness in one location. Built-in State reporting for compliance with all the major reporting agencies, you got it right here, we are a validated software provider with METRC, Leaf Data Systems, and BioTrack THC.

So, Proteus is really the ONE SOLUTION to run it all!


Proteus420 and Proteus Business Solutions, Inc. employs a highly motivated team of successful and experienced programmers, developers, and business professionals that have a range of skill sets. Together, we’ve created an innovative platform modeled after the concept of enterprise resource planning, uniting all of the services and features you need in a single, easy-to-use software. 

Instead of spending time, energy, and money on a myriad of cannabusiness programs, why not invest in just one that does it all – and does it better than the rest? With Proteus 420, it’s possible to transform the most frustrating part of your cannabusiness operations into a strength that gives you a competitive edge.


Services Available from Proteus 420

Customer Management

Organize customer information, construct an at-a-glance database, and take advantage of relevant data to improve the customer experience and boost your team’s efforts. Plus, with a wealth of customer details at your fingertips, you’ll be well-prepared to develop a targeted marketing strategy that connects with the right customers, at the right time.

Point of Sale

With an integrated software design that puts all of your applications and systems within easy reach, our cannabis POS system is specifically engineered to simplify your daily operations. Intuitive, secure, and intelligent, the Point of Sale system for dispensaries and other cannabusinesses is your partner in successful sales.

Inventory Management

Manual inventory management comes with more than its fair share of challenges, including the issues of human error, time-consuming data entry, and more. But with an automated inventory management system, you can easily organize and enter thousands of plants, products, and other details, making it easy to audit whenever needed.


When you’re ready to expand into the e-commerce arena, let Proteus 420 support you in making the big move with our advanced technology solutions.
Reports and Compliance
For plenty of cannabusiness owners, managing compliance can be extremely stressful – but it’s absolutely necessary to your success. Our system automates the processes of organizing and generating reports, tracking customer limits, and staying within regulations, ensuring that you’re always on top of compliance.  


Rather than setting aside a budget for a full-time accountant, trust your finances to an automated accounting software system that will get the job done.

Document Storage

Upload, edit, and store all of your most important cannabusiness documents, giving you the peace of mind to focus on achieving your next big business goals.

Grow Management

Take a smarter approach to nurturing your business with a logically-designed, highly effective grow management program. 

Driver Tracking

Your products are the heart and soul of your business, and knowing exactly where they are at all times is crucial. With an efficient driver tracking platform, you can rest assured that products are always where they should be.