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Proteus420 is actively engaging in conversations with various news and media outlets, addressing the challenge of providing legitimate support to the rapidly expanding Cannabis Industry. This includes maintaining consumer confidentiality, being accountable to partners, and upholding an educational and advocacy-driven business model. The REVOLUTION has officially commenced, responding to the industry's concerns. Through the collaboration of PROTEUS420 and the PRESS, we are placing Legitimacy, Support, Growth, Advocacy, and Education at the forefront of your Cannabis business!

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The Ineffective Artificial Intelligence: Understanding Predictive Analytics vs. Artificial Intelligence

.post-content ul li { font-size: 16pt !important; } In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Ana...

Bounce Back with a Bang: Top 10 Ways to Make 5/20 Your New 4/20

After a less-than-stellar 4/20, it's clear that even the best-laid plans can go awry. But the cannabis industry is nothing if not resilient and innova...

How PROTEUS420 Addresses the Common Pain Points in Cannabis Software

The cannabis industry is burgeoning, and with it comes the challenge of managing complex operational, regulatory, and technological needs. PROTEUS420 ...

Maximize Your 4/20 Success:

Preparing your cannabis retail business for 4/20, a significant day in the cannabis culture celebrated annually on April 20th, requires strategic plan...

Retail Shrinkage and Navigating Loss Prevention in the Cannabis Industry

Retail shrinkage occurs when a company loses inventory from causes other than sales—and it’s a problem that costs companies $100 billion a...

Midterms 2022 - Where Does Your State Stand on Cannabis?

 It is Monday Morning, t-minus 8 days until we are in #LasVegas for #mjbizcon2022 so stop by #Booth905 and say hello to our team. Visit with our ...

New York and the Yellow Brick Road to NO for Cannabis Shops.

ProtoPay Cannabis Payment Solutions New York and the Yellow Brick Road to NO for Cannabis Shops New York says NO! in over 400 localities! When you ...

ERP: The Cannabis Acronym

Cannabis ERP essentials: Schema Structure, Cannabis POS, Hardware Integrations, Adaptable Deployment, and Accounting Capabilities. Proteus 420 offers...

Oklahoma METRC and PROTEUS420

  PROTEUS 420 and Oklahoma's Transition to Metrc In September 2020, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) officially selected Metrc a...