Track and Manage your products through

Whether you're operating a full vertical or managing a boutique production, the Proteus 420 Manufacturing Module takes your inventory management and packaging to the next level. The Manufacturing Module provides add-on features for your Retail, Distribution, Processing or Grow account that give you the ability to track the materials used in the development and assembly of your products.

Embrace the power of components

Components are the materials, ingredients or packaging that your company uses to develop your sellable products. Proteus 420 gives you the ability to track and manage these materials throughout your production cycle. With Components, you’ll gain insight on the purchasing, use and costs of the inventory you company uses to build sellable products.

  • Track nutrients and additives that are applied to plants
  • Automatically update inventory amounts for items used in product assembly
  • Manage the relationship with the vendors you purchase material from

Track product development costs

Monitor your components and raw materials to gain an accurate representation of the costs involved in each production cycle. Proteus 420 Manufacturing allows you to factor in labor and overhead costs while recording the real time use of your overall inventory amounts. You can now clarify your costs of goods sold and optimize your inventory purchasing.

package your own products

With the Manufacturing Module, you can apply the finishing touches to your product development process and then generate completely compliant Package ID numbers for your new product inventory. Split bulk cannabis inventory into entirely new products Integrate with your State’s data reporting systems like Metrc, BioTrack, and LeafData Create new ID numbers and barcodes for the new inventory you create.