PROTEUS 420 and Oklahoma's Transition to Metrc

In September 2020, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) officially selected Metrc as the state's Track and Trace System.

For many cannabis operators in Oklahoma, the state's decision will directly affect their business's compliance requirements, which will in turn affect their day-to-day operations.
While Metrc may be new to Oklahomans, it is certainly not new to cannabis operators throughout the United States.

Metrc is the Track and Trace system of choice for 14 states; and since 2012, PROTEUS 420 has integrated with Metrc to help cannabis operators maximize their compliance capabilities.

Let’s take a look at what Metrc means for Oklahoma and how PROTEUS 420 can help.

What does Metrc actually do?

Metrc is a regulatory cannabis software that uses Radio Frequency Identifier tags (RFID) and Unique Identifiers (UID) to track cannabis products and plants. Cannabis operators will scan and track their inventory and then manage that data in Metrc where it is accessible by the OMMA While Metrc does provide the essential “last step” of cannabis regulation by allowing you to scan and report cannabis inventory, it does not provide any further software capabilities for other compliant business processes. These essential processes include completing a sale, managing inventory ordering, harvesting plants, and manufacturing new products from raw materials.

This means Oklahoma licensees will need an additional software provider to generate the trackable data for sales, manufacturing, transportation, and cultivation, and testing activities.
That’s where PROTEUS 420 comes in.

PROTEUS 420: Bridging Oklahoma’s Compliance Gap!

Metrc integration gives users full control over their state reporting process while also providing a transparent and secure platform to conduct day-to-day business.

With the PROTEUS 420 ERP platform, cannabis operators can manage and sell their cannabis inventory, market to and manage their customers, integrate with hardware, and conduct accounting processes.

With this suite of software features, PROTEUS 420 users can then review and send the reportable data with the Metrc Data Exchange.

PROTEUS 420 implements internal tracking capabilities through the use of Plant tags, Batch Ids, and Package Ids. These trackable codes directly integrate with Metrc’s RFID and UID tracking methods, allowing the streamlined transfer of each licensee’s operational data.

How has PROTEUS 420 served Oklahoma prior to new Metrc requirements?

Long before Oklahoma’s switch to Metrc, PROTEUS 420 has provided state licensees the ability to report their data directly to the OMMA. To do this, PROTEUS 420 has created a range of custom reports to address the specific data requirements requested by the OMMA.

In developing these reporting solutions, we have created an extensive database of all licensees in the State of Oklahoma.

Proteus420 users in Oklahoma can now build contact lists directly from this database by adding contacts to their PROTEUS 420 account as vendors, customers, or sales leads.

Though Oklahoma may be switching to Metrc, this database of licensed cannabis businesses will stay for the benefit of all Oklahoma users, new and old.

How will PROTEUS 420 Prepare for OK’s transition to Metrc?

As the OMMA transfers to Metrc, PROTEUS 420’s Oklahoma customers have the perfect environment for a smooth transition to a compliant reporting process.

The reporting system we developed for the OMMA uses the same internal id tracking systems that we originally designed to integrate with Metrc. Once Oklahoma has fully transitioned to Metrc, operational processes with PROTEUS 420 will remain applicable yet be unaffected by the change.

To transition to Metrc, our current customers need only to obtain a Metrc account and then send their reportable data through the Metrc Data Exchange. Both new and current PROTEUS 420 users will gain access to a range of resources that instruct them on how to activate and manage their Metrc Data Exchange.

As Oklahoma transitions to Metrc, Metrc will publish additional information and host events that instruct on the implementation of Metrc in the state. PROTEUS 420 also provides one-on-one training on the Proteus-Metrc integration for all new users.

Are you an Oklahoma Business wanting to learn more about how PROTEUS 420 can help streamline your business operations and prepare for Metrc transition?
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