Customer Support: The New Normal

When SUPPORT gets behind, it is still behind you!     

In light of some recent developments here at PROTEUS 420, we wanted to take a moment to touch base and center with the people who keep us going as a company. Of course, those people are you, our customers.

Over the course of the last year we have all faced unusual challenges as business owners, cannabis operators, and as individuals. Since the second quarter of 2020, we all had to learn how to do business in light of some rather uncommon challenges, and this includes us here at PROTEUS 420.

As we have begun conducting business from a completely remote setting, PROTEUS understands that many of you have begun operating in completely new environments as well. We worked hard to develop solutions that addressed those needs, including developing streamlined Curbside Pickup capabilities and hands-free payment processing with ProtoPay.

Despite these positive developments, we have encountered some hardships of our own as a result of what we all know now as “The Covid Normal”. We started working without a central headquarters; meaning, we have had to rely on new communication processes while building on the processes we’ve already had in place.

We had to realize that this process is a new venture for some of our employees, and it may have influenced our method of customer service and customer onboarding. We have heard from you throughout this period and we understand that we can do better.

That’s why PROTEUS has taken steps to improve our customer service and bolster our help resources so you, our customers, our partners know just how valuable you are to us here.

So what have we done to start that improvement process? Well, we have hired new support and training personnel. Our new team members not only have the experience, knowledge, and personality to assist cannabis businesses with the use and implementation of their seed-to-sale software but they are armed with so much more. Understanding the complexities of running a business and its operations, state-by-state compliance knowledge, hardware implementation and 3rd Party integrator overviews are just a few we can name.

PROTEUS has developed and continues to expand on new help content. Our Help Wiki now features nearly 300 articles on the processes, features, and workflows that are available in PROTEUS 420. We have also included a total of 50 videos within these articles to offer a first-hand view on how to complete essential processes in your account (and more to come). You can always access these resources by clicking the Help icon on your navigation bar. Don’t see what you need, let us know and we will add it to our next update cycle for you.

Moreover, we are excited to be able to launch so many new aspects of the PROTEUS 420 system for you, including Monthly Webinars, University expansion for new Employees, adding new integrators and Partners, further APP development and POS App wraps just to name a few.

We have learned a lot during this rather unusual period. We’re dedicated to working with you to be sure you have the level of support needed to conquer your business goals. We welcome your feedback and genuinely hope to hear from you.

Contact US today, and please, don’t forget that our support team is on stand-by to assist you as we all keep moving forward.