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It all begins with a seed. Cultivation serves as the initial phase in the cannabis supply chain for each product. PROTEUS420's Cultivation enhances productivity within grow and cultivation facilities by streamlining your employees' processes and workflows, enabling yourmaster growers to concentrate on their are of expertise – nurturing the growth process.

Your administrative team can effectively manage yields, forecasts, and productivity using integrated business intelligence tools, ultimately optimizing the management of plant cycles, strains, and clones.

For more information about the comprehensive PROTEUS420 cannabis business solution, which includes specialized grow management software, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today for additional details.

DATA-DRIVENGrowth Management

With access to historical and current growth data, combined with the forecasting and analytical features of the program, you'll harness the power of information. Cultivation enables you to identify the factors that may pinpoint precisely where your most successful growth cycles excel but also what may have led to a less successful growth cycle. Throughout every stage of the growth process, we provide you with insights that are invaluable for refining your operation and achieving optimization.

  • PROPAGATION: Track Clone/Seed Production with batch creation, tracking, and destruction. Easily convert from seed to clone and clone to mature plant out to sale (wholesale and retail).
  • VEGETATIVE: Track nutrient groups, plant movement, and stages. Cultivations allows plant auditing for green waste (living plants) movement, logging, reporting, and item flags.
  • FLOWERING: Cultivation allows easy tracking of plants to maturity, which includes the vegetative tracking cycle, waste management, and so much more.
  • HARVESTING: Barcode scanning of wet weight with an integrated scale, harvest batches, harvest yield tracking, and PID creation through to retail/wholesale products.
  • DRYING AND CURING: Stage setting for bucking, trimming, and curing. Packaging singular to bulk weighted product, and PID custody automation for all components or retail products.

Efficiently monitor inventory, generate orders, and fulfill them while receiving real-time updates on inventory status and location information. This comprehensive approach allows you to seamlessly oversee both wholesale and retail inventory distribution from a single platform. With real-time tracking of inventory, order creation, and fulfillment, your sales teams can make better preparations for future growth and even pre-sell and invoice directly through a unified system.

  • PLANT TAG AUTOMATION: Automatically distribute state tag assigned PIDS to plants, products created easily in the batching of cultivation.
  • STATE INTEGRATIONS: Metrc and Biotrack integrated for all cultivation needs depending on the state you're doing business in. Cultivation allows tracking and reporting all movements that are required.
  • ROOM MANAGEMENT: Track plant movement, death, and destruction through stages and/or room movement based on tasks assigned and settings.
  • STAGES AND FLAGS: Cultivation's built-in indicators for R&D, plant status, infestations, nutrient issues, color, and groups allow for easy visuals from the team through to the master grower.
  • GENETIC TRACING: Determine the long-term geology of your grows and the history of previous grows by built in tracking of the mother, clones, and seeds.

PROTEUS420 allows you to efficiently manage your cannabis inventory using a unified platform and streamline your production processes. Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions is tailored to your specific business needs and aspirations. We aim to be your dedicated partners on your journey to success, providing you with cutting-edge tools designed to free you from the constraints of slow, labor-intensive, and time-consuming processes.

  • WHOLESALE TO RETAIL:By tracking and monitoring your cultivation cycles for manufacturing products (components) and/or packaging your product to sell in bulk or pre-packaged, you can do all in PROTEUS420.
  • LABOR COSTS PER GROW: Our task management and timesheet track labor-intensive expenses allows you to determine the time and labor each part of the workforce uses from growers to trimmers to the sales team involved.
  • COMPONENT TRACKING: Calculate your cultivation margins per grow by tracking the nutrients, utilities, and packaging to the final product, and everything in between.
  • SALES AND FULFILLMENT TRACKING: Sell while growing and grow while selling, our integrated CRM works with the cultivation side to determine packaging and delivery dates.
  • API (LIGHTING/FERTIGATION, ETC): Integrate with your lighting, fertigation, scales, scanners, and all utilities to easily monitor and forecast grow yields.