Driver Tracking & Delivery Management Software for Your Cannabusiness



For cannabis business owners searching for a smarter way to sell products, delivery is a must – but implementing an effective delivery service often presents its own set of challenges. By adding delivery to your offered services, you’re essentially expanding your entire business to a new “location,” taking it on the road. With that comes a complex series of new tasks and obstacles, all of which are necessary to both short- and long-term success.

Proteus 420’s cannabis business software solution features an easy-to-use driver tracking and delivery program that streamlines every aspect of cannabis sales on-the-go. Whether your business already provides cannabis delivery or you’re just beginning to formulate a plan, our delivery and driver tracking platform is the tech-smart solution you won’t want to go without.

Optimize Your Customers’ Cannabis Delivery Experience

For cannabis retailers and dispensaries, offering customers the option for cannabis delivery is a major advantage over the competition. Not only will new and prospective customers enjoy the convenience of delivery, but they also become more likely to choose your business over others nearby – especially if other local dispensaries don’t offer delivery.

But even though delivery gives your business a competitive edge, it also comes with a certain level of expectation. When you promise customers a delivery option, they expect it to be fast and fuss-free – but are you prepared to follow through? 

Proteus 420 understands exactly how critical a high-quality delivery service is for your business’s success, which is why we engineered the delivery management program that solves your biggest challenges. Say goodbye to overdue deliveries, missing drivers, and frustrated customer complaints; with the Proteus 420 cannabis POS system for deliveries, flawless service is within easy reach.

Know Exactly Where Your Products are At a Moment’s Notice 

No matter how large or successful your business may be, you can’t afford your products to disappear off the map.  The Proteus 420 delivery and driving management software provides at-a-glance information about your products, who has them, and exactly where they’re headed. 

 We’ve integrated a series of features that put the control in your hands, including:

A Single POS Platform that Does it All

Are you tired of trying to move between several separate systems throughout your daily operations? When you’re using different programs for customer management programs, online ordering, delivery, compliance, and other tasks, it’s impossible to maximize efficiency. 

Proteus 420 has created a one-of-a-kind POS solution for cannabis businesses, uniting all operational aspects within a single software program. With just a few clicks, you’ll seamlessly navigate between driver monitoring, compliance management, and inventory tracking – not only will you save time, but you’ll be able to finally break free from the monotony of administrative work once and for all. 

Expand Your Cannabis Business with the Proteus 420 Software Solution

As the industry’s most innovative POS system for cannabis retailers, dispensaries, growers, and producers, Proteus 420 is a highly-tailored program designed to serve your unique needs. Let us support you as a dedicated partner and industry insider, empowering you with the software solutions you need to kick your operations into high gear.

To see exactly how the Proteus 420 cannabis business software can change the way you do business, request more details today.</span></p> <div><span id=">