focus on the sales side of the seed-to-sale

Proteus 420 is the retail cannabis software solution for dispensaries looking to scale-up and grow smarter.

Proteus 420 offers an all-in-one ERP platform for recreational and medical cannabis retailers. Utilize real-time, cloud technology that gives you a comprehensive view of your customers, sales, inventory and marketing processes.

manage relationships your way

Personalize your relationships with your customers, leads, employees and vendors. Proteus420 gives you an all-in-one approach to managing your relationships with the people and businesses that move your bottom line.

  • Save customers records and sales for compliance purposes.
  • Segment customers and leads and interact accordingly
  • Schedule appointments and centralize team communications for each individual.

E-Commerce solutions for everyone

Integrate your company website to share real-time inventory with customers and track new online memberships and sales. Whenever a customer signs up in-store or online, you can manage their account and prepare their order for pick-up or delivery.
  • Completely customizable customer sign-up process
  • Optimize your product listings for search engine optimization
  • Enable coupons and discounts for online use

Customizable Hardware Integrations

Upgrade your dispensary with Proteus-integrated cutting edge technology. You can now rapidly decrease customer intake and order creation while giving your customers multiple ways to order.
  • ID and Passport Scanners: Accelerate customer intake and verification
  • Digital Display Boards: Show off your products with customizable digital menus
  • POS Setup: Build your own Point of Sale with Proteus-approved hardware
  • Proteus Kiosks:¬†Enable customer-centric ordering processes