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New York and the Yellow Brick Road to NO for Cannabis Shops.

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New York and the Yellow Brick Road
to NO for Cannabis Shops
New York says NO! in over 400 

When you think of New York, you think always on the cutting edge, a "destination" to see the sites and explore the city and suburbs.  You also may find yourself thinking of the state motto which is simply, "Excelisor!"  The meaning depicts the thought of "Ever Upward" and yet, with a deadling of 12/31/2021 for local areas to "opt-out" of having cannabis businesses, the answer was a resounding NO! from 400 localities so far.  Not very "Ever Upward" 

New York's Amsterdam News recently reported that recreational cannabis the state gave towns the ability to "Opt-Out" of having consuption lounges or retail dispensaries by December 31, 2021.  With many of the local residents of these localities concerned about what they would really be opting-into since no laws, rules, or regulations have actually been published yet.

So how does a town or state for that matter, push recreational sales without a clear and concise understanding of what the requirements are?  What they should be? How can a consumer or non-consumer, make a valid choice when there is simply no information to base the choice on?

As of January 2, 2022 Marijuana Moment recently highlighted an updaetd list of areas as recently reported by the Rockefeller Institute and their "opt-out" tracker.  The staggering numbers so far are, 642 dispensary and 733 consumption site opt-outs and that number is still being updated!

So where will the retail sector and social equity projects fall in the cannabis sector of New York, well it seems it is still in the hands of the legistlators.  It will be interesting to see how this state and many others who are bringing Cannabis to their states in the next year.  

We will be here for it all - as always and supporting the business through business!
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